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Symantec™ Secure Site NZ $383.00 NZ $250.00
Symantec™ Secure Site Pro NZ $1083.00 NZ $450.00
Symantec™ Secure Site Pro with EV (SGC) NZ $1924.50 NZ $750.00
Symantec™ Secure Site with EV NZ $1124.50 NZ $350.00
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Thawte SSL Web Server NZ $161.50 NZ $253.00
Thawte SSL123 NZ $80.25 NZ $208.00
Thawte SSL Wildcard NZ $479.50 NZ $390.00
Thawte EV SSL NZ $479.50 NZ $36.00
Thawte Code Sign NZ $209.50 NZ $130.00
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RapidSSL Certificate NZ $30.00 NZ $39.00
RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate NZ $177.75 NZ $-64.00

Reseller Prgram Features

  • Premium brand SSL Certificates with attractive discounts for maximum revenue potential.
  • A range of encryption, authentication and term levels let your customers choose the right security product to satisfy their business needs.
  • World-class support with tiered account services and training opportunities to help develop your team.
  • Flexible contract and payment options let you choose the best business model.
  • A robust management portal and automation offer options for issuance, billing, and renewals.
  • Easy to implement AP let you start selling SSL certificates from your business website.
  • You'll benefit from attractive margins, volume discounts, full service support, and marketing assistance.

Flexible Payment Options:

Pay-As-You-Go Contract
Pay for each certificate as it is issued for a high level of flexibility with no upfront commitment or costs. WE offer special discount pricing for all resellers to make profit from ssl reselling.


We appreciate the significance of endeavor that a NGO or non-profit organizations undertake everyday in their span of life. We have a soft corner for those people who work for noble social cause. Hence we value your efforts and bring out a solution for your website which will be helpful for the donors who make payment online for your organization. By providing Free SSL to your website will boost confidence of donor and they feel free to donate you online. Ours is a trusted name in providing online security and many corporate, ecommerce cart, online business entity have taken advantage of our service. We appreciate that an urgency of donation for people who are suffering from their bad part of life hence we provide a secure seal to your site so a donor would not be suffer due to hacking or malicious activity. Our SSL certificate’s eligibility includes:

Eligible for SSL: