Code Signing Certificates

Code Signing Certificate is a type of digital certificate. When you apply for the certificate, you generate a private/public key pair and submit the public portion to a certificate authority, along with documentation to prove your identity. Once the certificate authority authenticates and verifies the information, they issue a certificate containing your full organizational name and your public key. Code Signing Certificates are chained to our root certificate and trusted by leading platforms. It is possible to self-sign code, however, you do not have a trusted third party to vouch for the information you provide.


Developers and software publishers use Code Signing Certificates to attach a unique digital signature to applets, plug-ins, macros and other executable files before publishing them. Operating systems, software applications, devices, and mobile networks look for a trusted digital signature to authenticate the source of the code and confirm its integrity.


Code Signing also helps ensure technical compliance with guidelines established by platform vendors and emerging application storefronts, making Code Signing Certificates an increasingly critical piece of the application development process. Code Signing Certificate Supports a broad range of software platforms and browsers including Microsoft® Authenticode® and Microsoft® Office VBA, Sun® Java,® Adobe® AIR,® and Mac®

Thawte Code Sign
  • Secure your code with Thawte code signing digital signature
  • Digitally sign executable (.exe, .cab, .dll, .ocx, .msi and .xpi files)
  • Sign digital signature your MS Office documents, Microsoft VBA
  • Secure Java code (.jar), Adobe Air code (.air) and Apple apps
  • Publishers are required to authenticate the corporate or individual identity to obtain signing certificates from Thawte
NZ $209.50/Yr.